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The Holy Smoke – Vlog

Here at OnTheQT we pride ourselves in picking out the real gems before anyone else has heard of them. We recently decided to try out the brand new BBQ smokehouse which has opened at the Mardyke complex. Check out our vlog here. Without a doubt this restaurant is sure to be a roaring success as the renowned master chef and pitmaster John Relihan shares his exquisite culinary and BBQ skills with the people of Cork! Continue reading

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Traveling around New Zealand with Jucy Josephine

Blogger: Marie Barry

New Zealand is such an an exciting country to visit, full of routes and treks that take you off the beaten track, and take you to some beautiful and breathtaking places.  In order to make the most of what New Zealand has to offer, and to be truly free and independent, hiring a camper van is the way to go.  That’s why we chose to travel with Jucy Josephine, our green and purple friend, which we rented from Jucy van rental. Continue reading

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Day Five: OnTheQT Wild Atlantic Way Roadtrip!

Here at OnTheQT we love nothing more than a fun road trip… and so we could barely contain our excitement as our trip along the Wild Atlantic Way approached!  Although it’s great fun to hop on a plane and explore exotic places half way across the world… more often than not we forget to explore what’s right in front of us! Over five days we travelled the first section of the 2,500km route along the Western seaboard! It was simply spectacular! We’ve put together our action packed itinerary for each day so you can follow in our footsteps! Continue reading