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Spring/Summer Style 2018 with Primark

Yes, I know we are in the middle of winter and all you can think about is Christmas but I said I would share some warmer thoughts with you – the Primark’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection.  I recently went up to the check out the Primark Spring Summer 2018 collection in Dublin and I shared it all through our social media sites straight away. I wanted to wait until now to put up the blog post because guess what guys… the collection is now available in stores!!  I don’t know about you but I get so excited to see Spring/Summer collections arriving… it gets me excited for sunshine and holidays! Nothing beats buying a few new key items for the warmer days to come!!  (more…)

Europcar - moving your way

The Most Unique Roads In Ireland

Ireland is full of adventure and waiting for you to explore it. We have often rented a car from Car Rental Ireland for our adventures so we are delighted to collaborate with them on this post to share with you the most unique roads to drive in Ireland. I have explored many places in Ireland but there are a few roads that you drive that just take your breath away. In this post, I am going to share with you some of the most unique roads I have come across on my adventures in Ireland.  (more…)

Exploring Lynn Valley Canyon

During our recent adventures in Canada, a local told us about a beautiful gem called Lynn Valley Canyon which is located just outside of the city of Vancouver. What an amazing gem. Lynn Valley Canyon  is a great location for picnics, hikes or even a refreshing swim(yes we did it!!) in the summer months in one of the many popular swimming holes. Entrance to the park is completely free for you to enjoy and explore. The best things in life are free and this is one of them. During our travels we went to many places but this is more of a local gem and one that took our breath away. What we loved was the fact that it wasn’t full of tourists and it was the perfect spot to get a real feel for the outdoor lifestyle which is seen all over Vancouver. The beauty and nature that surrounds you is just breathtaking.


Free Experiences Along The Wild Atlantic Way

We recently took off on an adventure on the Wild Atlantic Way and what struck us was the amount of beautiful places you can visit along the way that won’t cost you a thing! We live in a beautiful country and spotted along the Wild Atlantic Way are breath taking places waiting to be discovered. Although it’s great fun to hop on a plane and explore exotic places half way across the world… more often than not we forget to explore what’s right in front of us.. so that’s exactly what we did! We picked up a car from Car Rental Ireland and headed on our road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way. Having your own car doing the Wild Atlantic Way is the best way to explore it. It allows you to stop whenever you want and spend as long as you want in a location. (more…)

Whistler – The Adventure Capital Of The World!

Whistler was definitely on our bucket list during our trip to Canada. It has been said that it is the adventure capital of the world so it was a must to pay a visit and try some of the activities on offer. Whistler is north of Vancouver and home to the world of ski enthusiasts.  With more than 8,000 acres over 2 mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, it’s the largest ski area in North America. It co-hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. (more…)

Travel Tips To Save You Money

We have gathered lots of travel tips from all our adventures so we decided to share them with you and help save you some money on your next adventure.

Go Off The Beaten Track

People tend to travel and stay in busy areas or the city centre. Go OnTheQT and go off the beaten track. Not only will it show you the local gems and hidden treasures but it will also save you some money. Accommodation, restaurants and even adventures are normally half the price they are in main tourist places. (more…)

Siesta Key Beach

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Recently while exploring Florida, we stumbled across Siesta Key Beach. Little did we know, Siesta Key Beach has been voted the number 1 beach in America. Year after year it is voted in the top 10 beaches in America but this year it made number 1. The soft, powdery sand on our feet, the sun shining down on us and the crystal clear WARM sea… a perfect start to the adventure. (QT tip: Drive the beach route from Bradenton south to Siesta Key Beach… it’s beautiful). (more…)

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