Aussie Adventure

Aussie Adventure, The Last Day

Blogger: Pat Lynch

Day 20 – July 21st

I am up first this morning. I am only questioning that it is early but I see the first sign of light in the distance. Clouds have moved in over night and it is extremely warm. Sandles, t-shirt and shorts is the order of the day. The worry is that warm weather means rain and we see a rainbow in the distance as the sun rises. We clear more spinifix out of the radiators of our vehicles. (more…)

Aussie Adventure Day 19

Blogger: Pat Lynch

Day 19 – July 20th

 Up at 5.55. I am up first as I cannot sleep. It is warmer during the night and the temperatures are rising as we get a little further South. It is raining in Perth and we hope it will be dry when we want to sleep tonight. Boxes are burned and we have very little on our vehicle now. We have eaten a lot over the last 2 weeks. We have 560km to get to Yulleuma but we do not expect to make it today. (more…)

Aussie Adventure Day 18

Blogger: Pat Lynch

Day 18 – The Last of the Nomads July 19th

All up at 6.30 and we get a roaring fire going as there is plenty of timber in the area.  Cereals are running low and are now rationed. One needs to like Wheatabix at this stage. The sun rises to yet again another fantastic day. The camp site is cleared as if we were never there. We are on the road for 7.23. We continue the 2km drive on the so called path to the water well on the map. (more…)

Aussie Adventure Day 17

Blogger: Pat Lynch

Day 17 -Trying to make Progress on the Seismic Line – July 18th

Up at first light. As we lost time, it may now be a day later before we get back to Perth. It was 1 degree during the night. Rob changes a tyre and Nick finds that a tyre of his went down overnight. We are ready to part at 7.40. The land is now flat and easier going. We head to a hill range about 3km away that Rob wants to see. When we get there, Rob has a puncture.


Aussie Adventure Day 16

Blogger: Pat Lynch

Day 16 -The Fernit and friends – July 17th


Woke early to the chirping of birds. It is like a soft relaxing CD playing. I drift in and out of sleep and the stars go out one by one. Daylight breaks and I whistle back to the birds which seems to cause them some confusion. What a great feeling. Everyone should do this once in their lives. I get to see the sun rising. (more…)

Aussie Adventure Day 15

Blogger: Pat Lynch

Day 15 – 24LS AND 123LE(equivalent of reaching the top of Mount Everest) – July 16th

Camp is packed up and we are ready to move by 7.30. It is a clean blue sky with all prospects of rain now well gone. The going is good and we get the chance to cross another dry lake. This one is much dryer and we lead in our vehicle and once we are across we tell the others to follow. A km of spinifix is ahead of us and we drive right through it. (more…)

Aussie Adventure Day 14

Blogger: Pat Lynch

Day 14 – Getting stuck in the Dry Lake – July 15th

It is a nice, mild, pleasant morning. I am up first and I got the fire going and the water on for tea and washing the wear. One of our punctures is still causing a problem as it went down slightly overnight. Rob pumps it and it will get us by.  We head to the Gorge about 1km away, which we failed to get to yesterday evening. We find Robs path that he made in 1985, it is incredible that it has existed all that time and this is a sign that nobody has been here since. (more…)