Land Adventures

São Jorge Castle

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

When the opportunity arouse to spend a few days exploring the spectacular city of Lisbon… I, of course said yes. Lisbon is the capital and the largest city in Portugal and is known as the hilly capital of Portugal. Lisbon is known for its café culture, fadó music and colourful landscape. During my visit, the São Jorge Castle(St. George’s Castle) took my breath away.   (more…)

Torc Mountain

As many of you know, we recently spent a few days in Killarney and went climbing Torc Mountain. Torc Mountain is a beautiful 7.5km walking route. When you reach the summit(535m) you have spectacular 360 degree views from the top. The walk begins at the upper Torc Mountain car park which is located on the Old Kenmare Road. Once you start walking you continue straight until you   see the signposts to guide you to the mountain. As you walk along the road you will come to a path(see the picture below) and you take the right up the mountain. (more…)


Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

Ever since I’ve been a child, India has been a place I’ve dreamed about visiting. I’ve always imagined it to be an exotic colourful country bursting with spices, silks and jewellery. It is all that and more… in fact India is possibly my new favourite country! (more…)

Top Things To Do In Sydney

This month we teamed up with Heffernan’s Travel to share our top 5 things to do in Sydney with you. You may have noticed the OnTheQT crew spent quite some time in Sydney this year! We went on road trips, weekends away, drank delicious coffee, explored off the beaten track and we’ve gathered our top 5 favourite things to do there just for you! (more…)

Whiterocks Beach, Co. Antrim

As you all know, I fell in love with Antrim last year. Around every corner lies a new hidden gem. What I love about Antrim is you can’t help but come across new gems. Each one is as beautiful as the next. During a recent road trip, I stumbled upon Whiterocks Beach. Nothing beats a fresh walk on the beach so we did just that on Whiterocks Beach. We met a few people who had the same idea as us and we were told it is very much a local gem. (more…)

Top Winter Walks!

The holidays are a time to relax, unwind and wrap up and go on an adventure! We’ve complied a list of our favourite Winter walks to share with your family and friends! Be sure to let us know how you get on if you choose to go on one! We love to hear from our followers! 🙂 (more…)