Land Adventures

The Blarney To Waterloo Walk

Guest Blogger: Pat Lynch

The Midleton walking Club visited Blarney recently on one of our Saturday walks. We met in Midleton at 2 pm and arrived in Blarney at 2.40 to start our walk. The walk was led by Pat Lynch our guest blogger. Seventeen walkers in total undertook the walk. (more…)


Sponsored by Heffernan’s Travel

It’s always a good idea to take a trip and explore a new city! We were lucky enough to recently explore Melbourne… and we fell completely in love with the place!  (more…)

Our Top Ski Destinations & Deals!

Have you been thinking of going on a ski holiday this Winter but you’re not quite sure where to go? Well here at OnTheQT we’re here to help! We have teamed up with Heffernan’s Travel to pick out some of our favourite top ski destinations and of course the best deals. We’ve chosen some of our top destinations and found the perfect packages for you! Like all outdoor adventures we LOVE skiing,  the snow, the adrenalin and feeling of adventure as you fly down the slopes. It’s a holiday like no other, and we know you will love it just as much as us! (more…)

Our Weekend In Killarney

As you may know from the OnTheQT snapchat and social media sites, I spent the weekend in Killarney. Last minute trips are always the best. We hopped in the car Saturday afternoon and ended up in Killarney for the weekend! A weekend full of rest and relaxation.. just what I needed! The drive down towards Killarney was simply beautiful… the blue sky and sunshine made everything look stunning. (more…)

Walking in Croatia – Kozjak

Guest Blogger: Pat Lynch

I recently went on a walking holiday to Croatia. We had a local host Pat Herbert who took us on many local walks and hikes each day. It was an early morning departure today. The coach picked us up at 7am at our pick up location. We all learnt to be on time. We had already packed our lunches and plenty of water was in our carrier bags. We drove to Kozjak which is located in Malacka. We have a big group today, 20 in total. It takes about 45 minutes to arrive at the starting point being right at the top of a hill. Glad we did not have to climb to this height and that the coach was able to take us there by road. (more…)

Queenstown, New Zealand

The vibes we got when we arrived in Queenstown were like no other.  The place was absolutely buzzing, there were people everywhere, people with skis, people with snowboards, everyone wrapped up warm and grabbing hot chocolates or beers, everyone busy.  The atmosphere was amazing! (more…)