Little QT

Farren Woods

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Recently, OnTheQT stumbled upon old childhood memories of Farran Woods so we decided to pay it a visit again. Farran Woods lies just off Inniscarra Lake in Cork. It is surrounds by views of the lake, forest and countryside. Walks throughout the forest is a must and there is a walk to suit each ability. We loved the walk up by the lake as the views were just breathtaking. (more…)

Tropical House at Fota Wildlife Park

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

OnTheQT paid a visit to one of our QT spots recently and we saw some amazing new features. We visited Fota Wildlife Park(QT Video) and discovered their amazing new tropical house.  As you enter the tropical house you are met with tropical temperatures and humid air. It almost makes you feel like you enter a rainforest. Leaving the Irish weather to 26° Celsius. (more…)

Rumley’s Open Farm

Recently, we did a QT video on a unique gem in Cork – Rumley’s Open Farm. When we arrived we were expecting a small little open farm but we were pleasantly surprised. It was like a mini zoo with such a wide variety of animals – camels, Alpacas, Monkeys, Owls, Llamas, water buffalo, meerkats and much much more. Amongst the huge variety of animals lay the amazing knowledgeable staff on hand to tell us all a little more about the animals. (more…)

Cratloe Wood Adventures

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

A few weeks ago, we came across the most magical, spectular gem in the heart of County Clare. Cratloe Wood is a magical forest of adventure situated on Woodcock Hill. The breathtaking woodland trails and walks makes for the perfect adventure as a family. A main trail through the woods is great with a few adventurous trails for the little ones to explore along the way. The beauty surrounding you will take your breath away. Peace, tranquility and  laughter makes for a perfect day.  (more…)

Ähtäri Zoo, Finland

Stephanie – QT blogger: You have already read Stephanie’s blog on Hyvölän talo in Finland and now Stephanie shares another gem she came across on her travels – Ähtäri Zoo, Finland. Stephanie spent two weeks in a town called Virrat in Finland. It was a college programme with students from across the EU and it was an amazing experience.

While in Finland, I spent a few days discovering some gems near to Virrat.  Ähtäri Zoo was one of these locations which I just had to share you all of you. (more…)

Trabolgan Adventures

OnTheQT recently stepped back in time to our childhood memories. One of these childhood memories was our summer trip to Trabolgan in Whitegate, Co. Cork. As we entered the gates of the warm environment, all the memories of fun and adventure came flooding back.

One of our favourite memories had to be the swimming pool. This was no ordinary pool but a pool filled with adventure. One of our favourite things in Trabolgan as a child was the wavemaker which gave a feel of the beach surf but in a safe environment. (more…)


Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

OnTheQT stumbled upon a hidden discovery while visiting Kilfinane recently. If you feel the need for speed, check out trailriders and ride your bike at speed through the national park. Ride your bike through 92km of Ballyhoura bike trails. This is an experience in itself! OnTheQT were amazed that something so unique existed in Ireland. Whether you love the adrenaline of the corners and rushing through the paths and trees or whether you are just looking for a different family outing, Trailriders is a gem waiting for you. (more…)