Little QT

The Glen Resource & Sports Centre!

OnTheQT recently discovered an incredible hidden gem just outside Cork City. We discovered an adventure setting in the heart of Cork which caters for the thrill seeker while also providing activities for the less adventurous person. We were delighted to meet with the staff and get a feel for the centre and what they offer. The bubble personalities and passion shone out through the staff, the excitement sparked inside us as we saw the activities and it was clear that we were just after finding a rare gem. (more…)

Castlemartyr Trails!

OnTheQT were recently driving towards East Cork. Every time we travel through Castlemartyr, we pass a wooded area on our right as we enter the quaint, picturesque town. This time we decided to investigate a little further and we are proud to say, we found you guys a great QT gem! (more…)

Safari Adventure

OnTheQT is exploring Scotland for a few days for all our QT followers. We stumbled upon a great adventure park worth exploring for both our little and older QT adventurers. A safari style adventure park. As we drove through the countryside in Stirling, we found a small entrance to a world of adventure. Little did we know, we would experience something we could only have imagined experiencing in Scotland. Not only is the  Blair Drummond Safari & Adventure Park a wildlife park full of adventure, shows and unique animals but it is also a safari style wildlife centre. Part of the park allows you to drive through the wild animal reserve and see the unique, wild animals from your car without being behind a fence. From camels, rhinos and even LIONS. (more…)

The Seaside Town of Ardmore

Who knew a little seaside town would offer so much? OnTheQT discovered this little town in Waterford and we can honestly say that we fell in love with it. The views, surroundings, community, activities and sea breeze captured our attention from the beginning. Ardmore is a place which allows you to switch off and relax by stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. From peaceful to adrenaline seeking activities, Ardmore is a gem waiting to be discovered. People love a little adventure, but as we know we are all different. Ardmore has something to offer each type of adventurer, from the person looking for some small adventure to the adrenaline seeker. (more…)

A place in our hearts…Kilfinane

Kilfinane in Co. Limerick is a tiny little town that will win your heart! Kilfinane was one of the first places OnTheQT stumbled upon, thanks to the recommendation of Deirdre Ní Shaughnessy. From the spectacular views to the friendly people, this is a location that will always have a place in our hearts and we are sure it will have a place in your heart too after you visit. OnTheQT spent some time with the locals exploring the local gems and we can honestly say, the people of Kilfinane are the best film stars we have ever met! (more…)

A local treasure – Aghada

Recently, OnTheQT went on a little road trip around East Cork and discovered some amazing little gems, hidden treasures and lots of beauty spots! Therefore, lots of great blog posts for our QT followers on the way very soon! Our first East Cork blog had to be on a little QT spot we adored. This was the beautiful Aghada, just outside Midleton. It is a tiny, fresh Irish village with friendly locals all around. We stopped off here for an ice cream and came across a windsurfer who filled us in on lots of the great windsurfing spots around East Cork. It’s not until you meet a local that you find out the local tips. (QT local windsurf tip: Aghada is perfect for windsurfing with an onshore breeze). (more…)

Goat’s Island

Summer months are filled with laughter, exploration and exciting adventures. This is what our next QT spot is all about, a little gem filled with discovery. Just between Youghal, Co. Cork and Ardmore, Co. Waterford lies a lovely local treasure called Goat’s Island.  This little inlet is one that is a popular local attraction, with many locals swimming here each morning right throughout the winter months. If you are a lover a walking, Goat’s Island is situated in the perfect location for a day time stroll. (more…)