Kuala Lumpur

Blogger: Grace O’ Donnell

My latest stay was in Kuala Lumpur. As I proudly boasted to my dad that I had a view of the Petronas Towers from my bedroom window, he quietly pointed out that being the 12th tallest buildings in the world, this is probably not a rare view in KL. And boy are they tall. I insisted to my travelling companion, a structural engineer, that they were much smaller than the Eiffel Tower, bad move on my part. The Petronas towers were the tallest towers in the world when they were completed in 1996. (more…)

Top tips Kuala Lumpar!

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

Kuala Lumpar (known as KL by the locals) is the capital city, and most populated city in Malaysia. Although often thought of as a stopover for long haul flights.. we decided to make a longer pitstop there, and explore what the city had to offer! We’ve gathered some top tips just for you! (more…)

Top tips Borneo!

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

Borneo is a giant beautifully picturesque island in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago! It is both part of Malaysia and Indonesia and best known for its white soft sanded beaches, bio-diverse rainforest and home to exotic wildlife! We recently took a tip there and have gathered some top tips for you! (more…)

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

We decided that Kuala Lumpar (KL) the capital of Malaysia couldn’t be left out of our trip. Having stopped there before on a lay over, I had never actually left the airport and so was excited to see what lay beyond the arrivals hall! (more…)

Borneo, Malaysia!

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

Have you ever looked at holiday brochures and seen photos of glistening turquoise crystal clear water and soft white sand and wondered if places like these really existed? Well they do in Borneo! I honestly felt as though I was living in a postcard! (more…)