#QTDaily Island Hopping in Croatia

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

1000 unspolt islands and warm turquoise seas meant Croatia was most certainly on our OnTheQT bucket list. This year we were delighted to spend a week sailing and filming with Sail Aweigh in Croatia. It was a holiday of a lifetime but of course we filmed the whole experience for you guys so you will get to see how truly amazing it was. No other area in Europe possesses such unique opportunities for cruising, the breath-taking scenery of more than a thousand dazzling islands along the Croatian coast, combined with the unpolluted crystal clear sea, will satisfy even the most demanding nautical enthusiasts. (more…)

Walking in Croatia – Kozjak

Guest Blogger: Pat Lynch

I recently went on a walking holiday to Croatia. We had a local host Pat Herbert who took us on many local walks and hikes each day. It was an early morning departure today. The coach picked us up at 7am at our pick up location. We all learnt to be on time. We had already packed our lunches and plenty of water was in our carrier bags. We drove to Kozjak which is located in Malacka. We have a big group today, 20 in total. It takes about 45 minutes to arrive at the starting point being right at the top of a hill. Glad we did not have to climb to this height and that the coach was able to take us there by road. (more…)

Island Hopping in Croatia: Soline

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Our fifth overnight stop while island hopping in Croatia was a hidden treasure, Soline. Island hopping in Croatia brought us to places you could only dream of, some well know and some local treasures. Soline was by far the best treasure we found on our trip. It was an island we decided to take a chance with and it allowed us to discover it’s beauty. It was the secret gem we came across that we couldn’t stop talking about for the rest of the holiday. (more…)

Island Hopping in Croatia: Molat

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

It has been a few weeks since one of our Croatian island hopping blogs so we said we would write a little blog on one of our stops. Our fifth stop while island hopping in Croatia with was Molat. We stopped here for lunch one day and it was just beautiful. The island lies on the northern part of Zadar and the whole island covers just just 23 sq km with a tiny population of about 250. There are only 2-3 restaurants and a few shops. It truly is a paradise for water sports, fishing and of course sailing. (more…)

Island hopping in Croatia: Sali

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Our fourth stop while island hopping in Croatia with Sail Aweigh was Sali. A small village extended between two bays that lodge the harbour and the beaches. Sali was a small village which consisted of 2-3 pubs and restaurants, a shop, walks and was a popular spot for sailing boats to pull in for the night. You were able to walk from one side of the town to the other within 10 minutes and all around Sali gave you the opportunity to explore and discover – what more could you want? As the sun set and the night fell, the colourful lights glistened and reflected against the waterfront. The perfect setting for a perfect night.  (more…)