Blogger: Clara Murphy

I recently went on a fleeting trip to the offbeat city of Budapest. It’s been impatiently sitting on top of my “Wanderlist” for months, mainly due to its popular reputation among fellow budget- conscious travellers. I couldn’t resist booking a last minute flight for only €52. Finally my optimistic trolling through of various airline websites resulted in more than just another stream of junkman.


Budapest ‘Changing of the Guards’

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

OnTheQT paid a visit to Budapest recently and we came across some amazing gems throughout our trip. The Hungarian capital was formed when two cities, Buda and Pest merged. Buda and Pest lie on opposite shores of the Danube and became one, Budapest. From what we could tell, Buda seemed to be an old style of town, while Pest had a more modern feel to it. One of the gems we came across was a unique cable car with and view and the changing of the guards in front of the Hungarian Presidential Palace. (more…)