Ballyhoura Walking Festival

Many of you will know that Ballyhoura was actually one of the very first videos we created for OnTheQT and it always has a special place in our hearts so when we heard about this walking festival, we just had to share the details with you all as it is a beautiful place to explore. You can check out some of our previous Ballyhoura content here.


Lough Gur, Ireland

It’s the gems on our doorstep that we love exploring the most and Lough Gur in Co. Limerick is definitaly one of these gems. Lough Gur is located in the South East of Ireland within the Ballyhoura region. It aims to promote, preserve and protect the history, archaeology, folklore and environment of the surrounding area. (more…)

Chocolat, Limerick

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

I don’t often venture to Limerick, and so when I found myself there recently I was pleasantly surprised at how much the city has to offer! Chosen as Ireland’s first ever Irish City of Culture in 2014, it has since been a hub of arts, cultural and sporting events. (more…)


Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

OnTheQT stumbled upon a hidden discovery while visiting Kilfinane recently. If you feel the need for speed, check out trailriders and ride your bike at speed through the national park. Ride your bike through 92km of Ballyhoura bike trails. This is an experience in itself! OnTheQT were amazed that something so unique existed in Ireland. Whether you love the adrenaline of the corners and rushing through the paths and trees or whether you are just looking for a different family outing, Trailriders is a gem waiting for you. (more…)

A place in our hearts…Kilfinane

Kilfinane in Co. Limerick is a tiny little town that will win your heart! Kilfinane was one of the first places OnTheQT stumbled upon, thanks to the recommendation of Deirdre Ní Shaughnessy. From the spectacular views to the friendly people, this is a location that will always have a place in our hearts and we are sure it will have a place in your heart too after you visit. OnTheQT spent some time with the locals exploring the local gems and we can honestly say, the people of Kilfinane are the best film stars we have ever met! (more…)