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News: AirBnB Trips

As you may already know from following us last Saturday on our Snapchat and Instagram stories, we spent the day up with our friends at AirBnB for an exciting launch. On Saturday, AirBnB launched it’s trips platform in Dublin which now adds unique, local experiences to the thousands of homes available to book.  (more…)

Virgin Islands

Although considered one archipelago, the virgin islands are divided between two countries: The Bristish virgin islands (BVI) and the United States Virgin islands (USVI) . The curiosities doesn’t stop there… they all have something completely different to offer! (more…)


From clear turquoise seas to the coffee farms and cloud forests of Chiriquí, Panama can be as chilled out or as thrilling as you wish. The canal has defined Panama in the last century, but what lies just beyond it could define the next. Pristine beaches, lush rainforest and big city nightlife gives a taste of the country’s outstanding assets. (more…)

Episode 2 – The Dolomites

Our next stop on our Italian adventure was a place on our bucket list for ages… A trip to the Dolomites. We were very excited to get up that morning for a day of adventure. Driving up to the Dolomites itself just took my breath away. The closer we got, the more charming it got.Before heading up the mountain range, we stopped off in the charming Italian village of Cortina d’Ampezzo. The town itself is situated in the river Boîte and surrounded with the Dolomites. An elegant, picturesque town in the summer sunshine and also a very popular spot in the ski season. (more…)

Cologne, Germany

Blogger: Clara Murphy

“Cologne? Like the perfume?” This was my response upon hearing that my friend, Mairead, was going to spend her year abroad in the relatively obscure German city. Germany never really appealed to me. Seemed to take itself too seriously; the geographical equivalent of a 9am Monday lecture. Despite my doubts, I did end up visiting. Twice even.


Our Weekend In Killarney

As you may know from the OnTheQT snapchat and social media sites, I spent the weekend in Killarney. Not only does the park have Muckross Estate, an open Farm,  the gorgeous Torc Waterfall, and the stunning lakes of Killarney to admire… the park has an abundance of walks and cycle paths to suit all abilities. Located just outside the town of Killarney, the National Park is the first of it kind in Ireland. (more…)


Monaco is a fairy tale world, wedged roughly between France and Italy on Europe’s most mythical celebrity-studded coastline – the French Riviera. Glitz and glam is found in abundance on this teensy-tiny seaside state, sizzling with resident millionaire, luxurious yachts, and day-trippers who come to sip champagne at Café de Paris and have some fun at the casinos. Monegasque life is most certainly the high-life; from the very second you step off the train into the swanky subterranean marble-clad station, to absolutely everything else you will experience during your time there! (more…)

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