Airbnb Expands Experiences Across Ireland

#BrandAmbassador – AirBnB recently launched the nationwide expansion of Experiences on Airbnb, with the launch of over 60 new Experiences in Cork and Galway, as well as in several other regional locations across Ireland. OnTheQT is delighted to be an AirBnB brand ambassador for AirBnB Experiences/Trips in Ireland so if you have any questions just send us an email and we are happy to help. The host submissions are now open across all of Ireland for people to submit their unique Experience ideas for their area.

Experience Hosts on Airbnb are talented artists, local entrepreneurs, and seasoned experts, from zoologists to weavers, historians to surfers, storytellers to foragers.

Below are some of the highlights of the new Experiences on offer include:

  • Quaking Bogs & Local Connemara Culture: Guests will enjoy tea and scones in a 17th century cottage with native Gaelic speakers before exploring Connemara’s famous bog lands. There, they’ll learn about ancient structures and the folklore of the bogs, then return to the cottage where they’ll practice traditional Irish crafts and make a mocktail out of local foraged Connemara herbs.
  • Cliffs of Moher: The Hike of your Life: Guests will embark on a hike along the famous Cliffs of Moher, learning the legends of the landscape through the eyes of a local before enjoying tea and scones in an artist’s cliffside studio.
  • Feasting, Foraging and Folklore: A trained zoologist and wildlife photographer will take guests foraging in Summer Cove, West Cork, and share insights into the local produce and hidden foodie gems of Cork.
  • Visit a Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Maker: Guests will experiment with flavours in a real chocolate factory, learning to grind their own cocoa beans, taste the raw ingredients for chocolate, then discover the entire process of chocolate-making from bean to bar.
  • Hive Mind Experience: After a tour of working hives, guests will don beekeeper suits, and witness how a hive works, how bees create honey, before harvesting and tasting their own.

My favourite Cork experiences:

  • Learn to wakeboard in Ballyhass Lakes: The wakepark is based in amazing crystal clear lake in an old disused quarry. Gorgeous place to learn to wakeboard.
  • SUP in the city: Paddle west along the River Lee enjoying the sprawling views of the countryside in the heart of the City.
  • Sea Kayak the Coast of Kinsale: Visit places on the water that are inaccessible to other vessels – deserted beaches, coves, inlets and possibly some caves.
  • Surfing in Garretstown Beach: Enjoy a surf lesson in the stunning location of Garretstown Beach located just 40 mins from Cork City.
  • Oyster Shucking with local Craft Beer:  Denis Cronin will show you some tips and tricks to get this technique right, and you will taste some of the finest fresh, live oysters sourced from Haven Shellfish in nearby Oysterhaven Bay.
  • Titanic Train Excursion: Hosted on the original rail and foot journey, this experience will enable you to see the harbour and the town through the eyes of those that took the journey for Titanic and other ships over the centuries.
  • The Heritage Hack: Trek through the local countryside, across Warrensgrove Estate and also to the Carrigadrohid Castle, while explaining the history of the area along the way.

International visitors and domestic tourists can now choose from more than 160 Experiences crafted and led by local experts across Ireland, making it easier for people across the country to share their passions and interests with visitors from around the world. With 40% of Experiences on Airbnb being offered outside of Dublin, new Experiences on offer include; Quaking Bogs in Connemara, ‘Feasting, Foraging and Folklore’ in Kinsale, hiking the iconic Cliffs of Moher, and an insight into Honey Farming in rural County Cork. We are already looking forward to trying all the experiences ourselves over the summer months.



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