Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everybody! Hope you have all had a wonderful week! Here at OnTheQT we’ve been busy planning a few exciting adventures! (Be sure to follow them all on snapchat – username: OnTheQTie!)

As alway there is so much to do this weekend, we love the annual craft fair at the city hall, taking a wander around the city, but most of all we LOVE spending time outdoors and so we’re super excited to go on a hike this weekend! We’re either going to go to Currabinny woods, or the beautiful Bolus Head hike in Kerry!

Currabinny Woods: Located approximately 6km south of Carrigaline, jutting into Cork harbour, it is the perfect spot to escape reality and get lost in the woods for a while…  The windy roads leading down to the woods have a sense of wanderlust about them, and on pulling into the car park and stepping out of the car surrounded by a thick dense forest, you shall instantly feel relaxed.

As with most forest walks, there are many different paths to choose from… the first left out of the car park, is beautiful as much of the walk is along the water’s edge! With the paths sprinkled with the last of the autumn leaves, and  the spectacular views, its the perfect time to visit! The woods have a unique location situated on a promontary overlooking Cork harbour, Lough Beg, the mouth of the Owenabue River and the village of Crosshaven.

Bolus Head: Recently while staying in South Kerry, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by the most beautiful picture perfect scenery everywhere I turned. It was for this reason, surrounded by mother natures beauty,  we knew it would be a shame not to set out on a big hike… we hadn’t quite found any set paths or trails marked… so we decided we would brave going cross-country. After passing St. Finians bay, headed towards Ballinskelligs, we chose a mountain on the right hand side… parked at the bottom of it and literally headed North!

As there were no pathways it was a little bumpy… and we stood in a few puddles… and got a few nettle stings… but it was worth it all… as we went higher and higher up the mountain, the view behind us of the Skellig rock became prettier and prettier…. I felt like I was on a film set. It was a steep climb, and so we took a number of different pitstops… everytime I looked around the view made me smile… it was absolutely surreal!

When we reached the top, (we thankfully had a little bit of water to split between us!), we all set there in silence admiring the view as we tried to catch up breaths before the descend down! I thought to myself how lucky I am to live in Ireland… and wondered how many people had actually climbed up here to admire the view before… my guess is very few… seeing as it was such a hidden gem!! I look forward to returning again! 

Whether you go for a hike… or shopping or simply relax for the weekend, we hope you have a fantastic time! Happy Friday! x 

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