Happy Friday!

Another week over, another weekend full of adventure ahead! Here at OnTheQT we’re delighted with all we have achieved this week and we hope you are too! It’s important to take to switch off at the weekend, make plans to catch up with an old friend, do something you love to do, and most of all have fun!

We love to fill you in our week so you know exactly what’s happening at the OnTheQT headquarters! We’d LOVE to hear what you have been up to also, so be sure to send us a snapchat (ontheqtie), tag us on instagram (ontheqtie) or share your photo with us on Facebook! 🙂

We often get a lot of questions from our followers about where we like to travel to, our top travel tips etc., and so we recently launch a weekly Q&A session with you all! Simply add us on snapchat (username:ontheqtie), and be as inquisitive as you wish to be! We’re more than happy to answer all your travel queries! Check out our session from yesterday here!

Today we hosted the second of our digital marketing workshops series which we REALLY enjoyed! Running for 3 consecutive weeks covering all the main platforms these interactive workshops are all about sharing our expertise and what we love to do with you! We’re excited to help you grow your business’ social media platforms! If you’d like to book in for next  week Friday the 16th of December (Snapchat, Hootsuite & Video) simply e-mail: OnTheQT.ie@gmail.com, or call us on: 0857668717!

We’ve also decided to pick a fun location for you to go to each weekend on our Happy Friday blog! This week we’ve chosen one of our favourite bars, Sober Lane  in Cork! If you’re looking for a cosy, yet fun loving bar to go to this weekend? Look no further than Sober Lane ! Well – loved by local Corkonians, this city centre bar (located on Sullivans Quay) is a must – visit location on your next trip to Cork! Not only will you have the option of being served top-notch food from an extensive menu ( OnTheQT Tip: the sweet potatoe fries are divine!), along with sipping on craft-beers/cocktails of your choice….this bar has a lot more to offer!

There is a fun activity held almost every night of the week, so there is ALWAYS something going on here! Whether its pizza and pint deals, Mexican themed night, or even rock, paper, scissors to see if you can win your drinks for free,  live DJ’s, choon chooser (where you get to be the DJ), and much more,  its no wonder this pub is always bustling with laughter!

One of our favourite activities at Sober Lane is “Flip The Coin” which is held every single Sunday! Order as many drinks as you like at the bar, whatever  it is that tickles your fancy, then  take a moment to think and choose heads or tails wisely… flip the coin… and if you win the drinks are yours for free… completely and utterly free! Should you be unfortunate enough to loose… well then you best get out your wallet! Sober Lane have also recently introduced a “Lego night” where you and your work colleagues, hang out, get creative, and unleash the child within you! These workshops are facilitated by a member of staff, they’re uber fun and a truly excellent bonding experience! You’d think this bar couldn’t get any cooler… well it can! The back wall of the bar has a map of the world… where you can leave your very own mark! Wherever in the world it is you have come from, be sure to ask one of the friendly staff members to take your photo.. and stick it up on your own country! It’s also pretty fun checking out where everyone else has visited from!

That’s all from us at OnTheQT this week! We hope you have a fun  and festive weekend, look forward to hearing what you get up to! Enjoy x


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