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We decided to try something a little new this week. We always get lots of questions sent into us from you guys so we decided to do a live snapchat every Thursday to answer as many questions as possible. We also decided to publish our answers on our blog too… just in case you don’t have snapchat! Here is our first Travel Q&A – It’s also live on our snapchat now(username: ontheqtie).

Whats your favourite spot to visit in Ireland? 
Steph:My favourite place in Ireland has to be Ardmore in Co. Waterford. I spent many summers as a child in Ardmore and it will always have a place in my heart. My favourite spots in Ardmore are Ballyquin beach and the Ardmore Cliff Walk. 
Lauren: I love West Cork,its so close to the city, but feels as though you’re a million miles away! I particularly like Clonakilty which has the gorgeous Inchydoney beach perfect for long walks and surfing, and Baltimore which has the gorgeous Lough Hyne, my favourite swimming spot in Ireland! As Baltimore is on the coast there are also some amazing islands to explore and discover by boat! 

Your favourite travel quote?
Steph:One of my favourite quotes has to be “Travel – It leaves you speechless and the turns you into a storyteller’. Another quote that sits on my desk is from the #KindnessRocksProject which was on Cape Cod all summer. It basically is all about colourful rocks which have motivational/inspiring quotes on them. They are on every beach on Cape Cod. The idea is you can take a quote/rock that inspires you and leave a rock with a quote to inspire someone else. My rock says “Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try”.
Lauren: Every journey begins with that one footstep!I jlove this quote because its so true… don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, once you’ve taken that first step you’ll be glad you did!

Your favourite activity you like to try while travelling?
Steph: My favourite activity to try while travelling is sailing. I just love the feeling of the wind in your face and seeing a place from the water. My favourite holiday was island hopping in Croatia. 
Lauren: I LOVE running, I make an effort to go every day, whether I am abroad, on a shoot filming or at home, I always make sure I have enough time in my day for a daily run.. I just wouldnt feel right without it!

Favourite memory on camera?
Steph:My favourite memory on camera… well I loved all our Wild Atlantic Way experiences(especially the sailing) but my favourite memory has to be when I was chatting about our travel gems on TV3 while sitting next to KATIE TAYLOR. I don’t know what made me more nervous… being on national TV or sitting next to Katie Taylor!! 
Lauren:  I was recently lucky enough to visit Halong Bay in Vietnam! We pulling up on our yacht and watched the sun go down…I honestly couldnt take enough photos. it was the prettiest sunset I have ever seen! 

Your Worst filming situation?
Steph:I always think of when we filmed in Barcelona. We got a cable car up to the top of a mountain to film a sunset. We were running to catch the sunset on camera and then afterwards we turned around to notice we were the only people left at the top of the mountain and the cable car had stopped running for the day. We ended up stopping a runner and ran down the mountain(about 5K) with him as he showed us the way. You can picture us with our summer clothes, flip flops and loads of equipment running down a mountain with him!! haha!!
Lauren: I’m not a huge fan of the rain,,, living in Ireland of course it rains a lot and of course it makes things a little more difficult to capture! Filming in the sun gives me an excuse to travel I guess!

Your Best Travel Tip?
Steph:I always tell people not to plan too much. Allow the city or place to take you to places that aren’t on your schedule. It’s always the places you stumble upon that you remember the most. 
Lauren: Take the least travelled path! There are often so many tourist packages, and expensive tour operators often trying to sell you things when you travel. Ask the locals where to go, although it may be a less travelled… I can almost guarantee it will be more beautiful! 

A video/activity we did that surprised us?
Steph:For me it was Lisbon. I went over to film the sport of futsal which is similar to indoor soccer. I knew I would fall in love with the city but was unsure about the sport but it really gave me a local experience. It was a local tradition to support your team in futsal and I found myself loving every minute of the match with the locals. You never know a place until you spend time with the locals and doing what they love to do.
Lauren:  We recently filmed along the Wild Atlantic Way and we had so much fun doing so! Although the wild atlantic way is always on my doorstep it was such a nice surprise to take the time to explore it and see how much there really is to do along the route!

Hope you enjoyed our first travel Q&A. If you have a questions for next week’s Q&A just pop us a tweet, snapchat or send us a message on Facebook. They can be about filming, travel, digital marketing, adventures, travel tips etc. We will try and answer all of them.
Steph & Lauren

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