5 Adventures To Try In Ireland

Adventure awaits us. Although we are currently in level 5 in Ireland, it doesn’t mean we can’t plan for brighter days ahead. I think Summer 2021 is going to be lots of outdoor fun and adventures. This blog post will hopefully give you some inspiration for adventures in Ireland when the time comes. Brighter days lie ahead.


Wakeboarding has a tendency to hook you in after your first try. A mixture of skill, adrenaline and lots of fun. If you are looking for a unique new activity to try, this could be just what you are looking for.

You have a choice of two wakeboard parks in Ireland where you can try this adrenaline pumping experience. First is Ballyhass in Mallow, Cork. I got a lesson off Eoghan in Ballyhass last year and I was hooked! I honestly didn’t want to get out of the water. All sessions at Ballyhass are coached one on one and last approximately 15 minutes. Trust me you will be wrecked after your 15 minute session. What a workout!!

The Wakedock is Dublin city is another place where you can experience wakeboarding at their cable wakeboard park. Wakedock also provide beginner lessons so it’s the perfect place to try the sport. Both of these places are a cable wake park which means you can go wakeboarding without the use of a boat. The wakeboard cable pulls you along he course and you are met with fun obstacles to challenge you throughout.


The sport of Mountain Biking has grown hugely over the past few years. Ballyhoura Forest has 92km of Bike Trails and allows you to pick a route to suit your ability and skill. An exhilarating adventure in the most spectacular surroundings. You can also rent bikes when you arrive or ring ahead to book at Trailriders. Trailriders in Ballyhoura Forest are great to share their experience and pinpoint that best route and trails for your ability.

If you are looking to take part in an event, look out for the Valley Drop. This is a mountain biking adventure event which takes place on the foothills of the Comeragh Mountains and the Nire Valley. You can pick a 45km or 35km route. A popular event with mountain bikers.


Now this is a new sport in Ireland and something you might not have heard about yet. It is perfect as it is an all-weather activity and well, it is Ireland! Similar to darts but with an axe. This is a fun sport to do with a group of friends. Check out Tom O’Hawks axe throwing in Galway or Axe Throwing in Ballyhass.


Coasteering is a rapidly growing extreme adventure that is guaranteed to bring you that rush of adrenaline. A mix of climbing, jumping, swimming and exploring. Adventure West in Mayo takes on the rugged West Coast of Ireland, while Delphi Adventure Resort offer their one-of-a-kind coasteering experience along the Connemara coastline.


Hiking has become more and more popular over the past few years and Ireland has so much choice when it comes to hiking options for all abilities. If you are looking for some inspiration for hikes to do in Ireland, check out our blog post ’30 Hikes To Look Forward To This Year’. Always remember mountain areas are very changeable places so be sure to check the forecast before you go so you can pick an appropriate route. If you are unfamiliar with an area, be sure to get an experienced guide to go with you.

Hiking In Ireland

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