Cheap European Homes on RTE


Are you ready for a new adventure? Looking to live in your dream location? I think this is the opportunity for you…

If you’ve ever thought of packing it all in and taking advantage of the lower property prices around Europe, then you’re going to love Maggie Molloy’s new TV series – Cheap European Homes. Fresh from numerous successful seasons of Cheap Irish Homes on RTE, Maggie is on a new mission – finding cheap properties in Europe.

I know you all love to travel but why wait for the one or two weeks a year to go explore, why not make your dream your life? With remote working available to lots of people, the big move to live abroad is about to kick off again. Maggie will also enlist the help of local architects/engineers to help with selecting the properties and getting advice on planning laws and taxes. During each episode Maggie will also meet up with Irish people who have relocated to the areas where we film the new series, to find out the pros and cons. Hear their stories and the opportunities the adventure has lead them too.

In this new 6-part series, Maggie is looking for adventurous house hunters with open minds who are not afraid of taking the big step to relocate to another country in mainland Europe. Could this be you?

If you’re open to relocating and actively looking to move, the team at Cheap European homes would love to hear from you and your story. Share your dream with the crew, why you want to relocate and put a foot forward towards making it happen.

To apply to take part in the show, all you have to do is email Closing Date for applications is September 10th 2022. Applicants must be available for filming over a number of days between October 2022 and February 2023.

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